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When using menu operations, connect this unit to a TV and operate this unit while viewing the TV.

The recommended settings are configured for this unit by default. You can customize this unit based on your existing system and your preferences.

Setting items

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Icon Audio


Subwoofer Level Adjust

This setting adjusts the volume level for the subwoofer.

Bass Sync

Adjusts the phase shift when there is a delay in the bass (LFE) recorded on a disc.

Surround Parameter

Adjusts surround sound parameters.


Expands the low and high frequency components of compressed audio content such as MP3 files to enable richer audio playback.

Audio Delay

Compensates for incorrect timing between video and audio.


Sets the MAIN ZONE (room where the unit is located) volume setting.


Set Audyssey MultEQ® XT32, Audyssey Dynamic EQ®, Audyssey Dynamic Volume®, Audyssey LFCTM and Audyssey DSX®.

Graphic EQ

Uses the graphic equalizer to adjust the tone of each speaker.

Icon Video


Picture Adjust

Adjusts picture quality.

HDMI Setup

Makes settings for HDMI video/audio output.

Output Settings

Makes settings for video output.

Analog Video Out

Assigns the zone that uses the COMPONENT VIDEO MONITOR OUT and the VIDEO MONITOR OUT connectors.

On Screen Display

Configures the on-screen display settings.

TV Format

Sets the video signal format to be output for the TV you are using.

Setting items

Detailed items



Icon Inputs


Input Assign

Changes input connector assignment.

Source Rename

Changes the display name for input source.

Hide Sources

Removes from the display input sources that are not used.

Source Level

Adjusts the playback level of the audio input.

Input Select

Sets the audio input mode and decode mode.

Icon Speakers


Audyssey® Setup

The acoustic characteristics of the connected speakers and listening room are measured and the optimum settings are made automatically.

Manual Setup

Sets up the speakers manually or changes the Audyssey® Setup settings.

Icon Network



Displays network information.


Selects whether to connect the home network to a wireless LAN or a wired LAN.


Used for manually setting the IP address or when using a proxy server.

IP Control

Enables network communication in standby power mode.

Friendly Name

The “Friendly Name” is the name of this unit displayed on the network. You can change the Friendly Name according to your preferences.


Used to check the network connection.

Maintenance Mode

Used when receiving maintenance from a Denon service engineer or custom installer. This mode is not designed for use by the end user, and should only be used by a trained service technician or custom installation professional.

Setting items

Detailed items



Icon General



Changes the language of the display on the TV screen.


Configures the ECO Mode and Auto Standby energy-saving functions.

ZONE2 Setup/
ZONE3 Setup

Makes settings for audio playback with ZONE2 and ZONE3.

Zone Rename

Changes the display title of each zone to one you prefer.

Quick Select Names

Changes the Quick Select Name display title to one you prefer.

Remote ID

Specifies with remote control code set this AVR will respond to.

Trigger Out 1/
Trigger Out 2

Select the conditions for activating trigger out function.

Front Display

Makes settings related to the display on this unit.


Shows information about this unit settings, input signals, etc.

Usage Data

Selects whether or not to send anonymous usage data to Denon.


Checks for the latest firmware information about updates and upgrades, updates the firmware, and sets up the notification message display.

Setup Lock

Protects settings from inadvertent changes.

Icon SetupAssistant

Setup Assistant

Begin Setup...

Performs basic installation/connections/settings from the beginning according to the guidance indicated on the TV screen.

Page 9 of the separate manual “Quick Start Guide”

Language Select

Sets individual setting items according to the guidance displayed on the TV screen.

Speaker Setup

Speaker Calibration

Network Setup

Input Setup

Buttons on the remote control unit used for this operation

Ope Menu RC1194

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