My HEOS device turns off and the power LED flashes in red


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The protection circuit has been activated due to a rise in temperature within your HEOS device. Turn the power off, wait about an hour until this device cools down sufficiently, and then turn the power on again.

Check the speaker connections. The protection circuit may have been activated because speaker cable core wires came in contact with each other or a core wire was disconnected from the connector and came in contact with the rear panel of this device. After unplugging the power cord, take corrective action such as firmly re-twisting the core wire or taking care of the connector, and then reconnect the wire.

Depending on the speakers that are connected, the protection circuit may activate and the power may be turned off when music is played at a high volume. (The Power indicator flashes in red) If this happens, configure the “Volume Limit” setting.

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