Reconnecting paired devices

Check that the headphones are not connected to any Bluetooth device before connecting.

Turn on the Bluetooth function of your Bluetooth device.
Ope iPhone Bluetooth ON AHC160W

For details, see the Owner’s Manual of the Bluetooth device that you want to connect.

Press and hold the control button for approximately 3 seconds to turn the headphones power on.
Ope PowerON AHC160

A beep sound is heard and the status indicator LED lights purple for approximately 1 second.

The headphones automatically connect via Bluetooth to the Bluetooth device.

If the device is not connected, select “DENON AH-C160W” from the list of devices displayed on the screen of your Bluetooth device.

Ope Select Device AHC160

When the Bluetooth connection is established, the status indicator LED lights blue for approximately 5 seconds.

Playing back music on the Bluetooth device.

Music played back on the connected Bluetooth device is output from the headphones.

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