Set in accordance with the lower limit frequency of the base frequencies that can be played back through each speaker. See the speaker manual for information concerning speaker crossover frequency.

Speaker Selection

Selects how to set the crossover frequency.


Sets the same crossover frequency for all speakers.


Selects the crossover points for each speaker individually.

Set the crossover frequency

40 Hz / 60 Hz / 80 Hz / 90 Hz / 100 Hz / 110 Hz / 120 Hz / 150 Hz / 200 Hz / 250 Hz (Default : 80 Hz)

“Crossovers” can be set when the “Subwoofer Mode” setting is “LFE+Main”, or when you have a speaker that is set to “Small”. link

The default crossover frequency is “80 Hz”, which will work best with the widest variety of speakers. We recommend setting to a higher frequency that the crossover frequency when small speakers are used. For example, set to “250 Hz” when the frequency range of the speakers is 250 Hz – 20 kHz.

Sound below the crossover frequency is cut off from the output of the speakers set in “Small”. This cut off bass frequency is output from the subwoofer or front speakers.

The speakers that can be set when “Individual” is selected differ depending on to the “Subwoofer Mode” setting. link

When “LFE” is selected, speakers set to “Small” at “Speaker Config.” can be set. If the speakers are set to “Large”, “Full Band” is displayed and the setting cannot be made. link

When “LFE+Main” is selected, speakers can be set regardless of the “Speaker Config.” setting. link

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