Rear panel

Name Rear Small1 AVRX2100W

Rod antennas for Bluetooth/wireless LAN

Stand this antenna upright when connecting to a network via wireless LAN, or when connecting to a handheld device via Bluetooth. link

Pict AntennaAngle

The antenna clip can be removed from the rear panel.

Rotate the antenna clip 90 degrees to the left.
Pull the antenna clip out towards yourself.

The antenna clip is needed when transporting this unit. Keep it in a safe place.

Attach the antenna clip by following the steps for removing it in reverse.

Analog audio connectors (AUDIO)

Used to connect devices equipped with analog audio connectors. link, link


Used to connect infrared receivers/transmitters in order to operate this unit and external devices from a different room. link

NETWORK connector

Used to connect to a LAN cable when connecting to a wired LAN network. link

PRE OUT connectors

Used to connect a subwoofer with built-in amplifier or power amplifier for ZONE2. link, link

Digital audio connectors (DIGITAL AUDIO)

Used to connect devices equipped with digital audio connectors. link, link

HDMI connectors

Used to connect devices equipped with HDMI connectors. link, link, link, link

AC inlet (AC IN)

Used to connect the power cord. link

Name Rear Small2 AVRX2100W

RS-232C connector

Used to connect home automation controller devices fitted with RS-232C connectors. Consult the owner’s manual of the home automation controller for more information about serial control of this unit.

FM/AM antenna terminals (ANTENNA)

Used to connect FM antennas and AM loop antennas. link

Speaker terminals (SPEAKERS)

Used to connect speakers. link

Video connectors (VIDEO)

Used to connect devices equipped with video connectors. link, link

Component video connectors (COMPONENT VIDEO)

Used to connect devices equipped with component video connectors. link, link


Do not touch the inner pins of the connectors on the rear panel. Electrostatic discharge may cause permanent damage to the unit.

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