Input Select

Set the audio input mode and decode mode of each input source.

The input modes available for selection may vary depending on the input source.

“Input Select” settings are stored for each input source.

Input Mode

Set the audio input modes for the different input sources.

It is normally recommended to set the audio input mode to “Auto”.


Automatically detect input signal and perform playback.


Play only signals from HDMI input.


Play only signals from digital audio input.


Play only signals from analog audio input.

When digital signals are properly input, the DIG. indicator lights on the display. If the DIG. indicator does not light, check “Input Assign” and the connections. link

If “HDMI Control” is set to “On” and a TV compatible with the ARC is connected via the HDMI MONITOR 1 connectors, the input mode whose input source is “TV Audio” is fixed to ARC.

Decode Mode

Set the audio decode mode for input source.

It is normally recommended to set the audio input mode to “Auto”. But we recommend changing it to “PCM” or “DTS” if the start of the source is clipped or noise occurs.


Detect type of digital audio input signal and decode and play automatically.


Decode and play only PCM input signals.


Decode and play only DTS input signals.

This item can be set for input sources for which “HDMI” or “DIGITAL” is assigned at “Input Assign” link.

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