Name Display

Input signal indicators

The respective indicator will light corresponding to the input signal. link

Decoder indicators

These light when Dolby or DTS signals are input or when the Dolby or DTS decoder is running.

Audyssey® indicator

This lights when “MultEQ® XT32”, “Dynamic EQ”, “Dynamic Volume” or “Audyssey LFCTM” has been set up. link

Tuner reception mode indicators

These light up according to the reception conditions when the input source is set to “Tuner”.

TUNED: Lights up when the broadcast is properly tuned in.

STEREO: Lights up when receiving FM stereo broadcasts.

Monitor output indicator

These light according to the HDMI monitor output setting. When set to “Auto(Dual)”, the indicators light according to connection status.

MULTI ZONE indicator

This lights up when ZONE2 or ZONE3 (separate room) power is turned on. link

Sleep timer indicator

This lights when the sleep mode is selected. link

MUTE indicator

This blinks while the sound is muted. link

Volume indicator

Information display

The input source name, sound mode, setting values and other information are displayed here.

Front speaker indicator

This lights according to the setting of the front A and B speakers.

Input/output signal channel indicators

The channel for input/output signals is displayed according to the setting configured for “Channel Indicators”. link

When “Channel Indicators” is set to “Output” (Default) These light when audio signals are being output from the speakers.

When “Channel Indicators” is set to “Input” These light corresponding to the channels that include the input signals.

When playing HD Audio sources, the Disp_EXT indicator lights when a signal from an extension channel (a channel other than the front, center, surround, surround back, front height, front wide or LFE channel) is input.

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