Setting procedure

Enable the HDMI Control function of this unit.

Set “HDMI Control” to “On”. link

Turn the power on for all the devices connected by HDMI cable.
Set the HDMI Control function for all devices connected by HDMI cable.

Please consult the operating instructions for the connected devices to check the settings.

Carry out steps 2 and 3 should any of the devices be unplugged.

Switch the television input to the HDMI input connected to this unit.
Switch the input source of this unit to check that video from the player connected by HDMI is played back correctly.
When you turn the TV’s power to standby, check that the power of this unit also goes to standby.

Some functions may not operate depending on the connected TV or player. Check the owner’s manual of each device for details beforehand.

The HDMI ZONE2 function is not compatible with the HDMI Control function.

When the HDMI ZONE2 function is used with “HDMI Control” in the menu set to “On”, the HDMI ZONE2 function may not fully work.

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