Connecting 7.1-channel speakers: Bi-amp connection of front speakers

This system plays back 7.1-channels. You can use the bi-amp connection for front speakers. Bi-amp connection is a method to connect separate amplifiers to the tweeter terminal and woofer terminal of a speaker that supports bi-amplification. This connection enables back EMF (power returned without being output) from the woofer to flow into the tweeter without affecting the sound quality, producing a higher sound quality.

You can connect speakers for up to 9-channels for MAIN ZONE. When you connect speakers for 8 or more channels, the output speakers automatically switch according to the input signal and sound mode.

Pict SP Layout 7.1 BiAmp

When making bi-amp connections, be sure to remove the short-circuiting plate or wire between the speaker’s woofer and tweeter terminals.

Conne SP 7.1 BiAmp X47E3

The height speakers, ceiling speakers and Dolby Atmos Enabled speakers can be connected to the HEIGHT1 speaker terminals. Set the speaker to be connected from “Height” - “Layout” in the menu. link

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