Connecting an HD Radio receiver

After connecting the antenna and receiving a broadcast signal, fix the antenna with tape in a position where the noise level becomes minimal. (Listening to an HD Radio™ stationslink)

If you are unable to receive a good broadcast signal, we recommend installing an outdoor antenna. For details, inquire at the retail store where you purchased the unit.


Do not connect two FM antennas simultaneously.

Make sure the AM loop antenna lead terminals do not touch metal parts of the panel.

Conne ANT,HD radio AVRX5200WE3

Using the AM loop antenna

Suspending on a wall

Suspend directly on a wall without assembling.

Conne AM antenna1

Standing alone

Use the procedure shown above to assemble.

When assembling, refer to “AM loop antenna assembly”.

Conne AM antenna2

AM loop antenna assembly

Put the stand section through the bottom of the loop antenna from the rear and bend it forward.
Insert the projecting part into the square hole in the stand.
Conne AM antenna

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