Desired sound does not come out

The volume does not increase.

The maximum volume is set too low. Set the maximum volume using “Limit” on the menu. link

Appropriate volume correction processing is performed according to the input audio format and settings, so the volume may not reach the upper limit.

No sound comes out with the HDMI connection.

Check the connection of the HDMI connectors. link

When outputting HDMI audio from the speakers, set “HDMI Audio Out” on the menu to “Stereo Receiver”. To output from the TV, set “TV”. link

When using the HDMI Control function, check that the audio output is set to the AV amplifier on the TV. link

No sound comes out of a specific speaker.

Check that speaker cables are properly connected.

Check that a selection “Yes” is set for the “Subwoofer” setting in menu. link

No sound is produced from subwoofer.

Check the subwoofer connections.

Turn on the subwoofer’s power.

Set “Subwoofer” – “Subwoofer” on the menu to “Yes”. link

“Restorer” cannot be selected.

Check that an analog signal or PCM signal (Sample Rate = 44.1/48 kHz) is input. link

Switch to a sound mode other than “Direct” or “Pure Direct”. link

No sound is output when using ZONE2.

Digital signal audio input from the HDMI connector or digital audio connectors (OPTICAL/COAXIAL) cannot be played back. Use analog connections.

When listening to audio from a Bluetooth device in ZONE2, remove any obstructions between the Bluetooth device and this unit and use it within a range of about 98.4 ft/30 m.

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