Inserting a disc

Set the disc in the tray label side up.

Make sure the disc tray is fully open when inserting the disc.

Place the discs flatly, 12 cm discs in the outer tray guide (Figure 1), 8 cm discs in the inner tray guide (Figure 2).

Pict Discholder RCDN10

Place 8 cm discs in the inner tray guide without using an adapter.

“Unsupported” is displayed if a disc that cannot be played is loaded.

“No Disc” is displayed if the disc is loaded upside-down or if no disc is loaded.


Only load one disc at a time. Loading two or more discs can damage the unit or scratch the discs.

Do not use cracked or warped discs or discs that have been repaired with adhesive, etc.

Do not use discs on which the sticky part of cellophane tape or labels is exposed or on which there are traces of where labels have been removed. Such discs can get caught inside the player and damage it.

Do not use discs in special shapes, as they may damage the unit.

Pict UnplayableDisc

Do not push the disc tray in by hand when the power is off. Doing so could damage the unit.

Do not place any foreign objects in the disc tray. Doing so could result in damage.

If the unit is left in a room full of smoke from cigarettes, etc., for long periods of time, the surface of the optical pickup may get dirty, preventing it from receiving signals properly.

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