Playing tracks in a specific order (Program playback)

Up to 25 tracks can be programmed.

In the stop mode, press PROGRAM.

“Program” is displayed on the display.

Use 0 – 9, +10 to select the tracks.

Bracket Open Example Bracket Close

Track 4 : Press number 4 to select track 4.

Track 12 : Press numbers +10 and 2 consecutively to select track 12.

Press Triangle Right / Pause .

Playback starts in the programmed order.

Press RANDOM while program playback is stopped to enter random playback mode. When Triangle Right / Pause is pressed during random playback mode, the programmed tracks are played in random order.

When REPEAT is pressed during program playback, the tracks are played repeatedly in the programmed order.


The program is cleared when the disc tray is opened or the power is turned off.

Checking the order of the programmed tracks

In the stop mode, press Skip-Right .

The tracks are shown in the programmed order in the display each time Skip-Right is pressed.

Clears the programmed tracks

In the stop mode, press CLEAR.

The last track programmed is cleared each time the button is pressed.

You can also select a track to be cleared by pressing Skip-Right .

Clearing the all programmed track

In the stop mode, press PROGRAM.

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