No sound comes out of speakers

Audio is output to your Bluetooth headphones, but not to speakers or pre-outs when “Output Mode” set to “Bluetooth Only”. Change “Output Mode” to “Bluetooth + Speakers” to output audio from your Bluetooth headphones as well as your speakers or pre-outs.

The volume of Bluetooth headphones does not decrease

Bluetooth headphones volume cannot be adjusted from this unit. Use a Bluetooth headphones with volume adjustment.

Sound mode settings are not available when using Bluetooth headphones. Audio menu settings are also not available.

This unit cannot change sound mode or audio menu settings for audio output to Bluetooth headphones.

Smartphones and other Bluetooth devices cannot be connected.

Smartphones and other Bluetooth devices cannot be connected when “Transmitter” is set to “On”. Press Bluetooth on the remote control to switch the input source to Bluetooth, then connect the device.

Audio is delayed on my bluetooth headphones

This unit cannot adjust audio delay on Buetooth headphones.

Only one set of Bluetooth headphones can be connected at a time

This unit can only connect to one Bluetooth headphone at a time. However, up to 8 Bluetooth headphones can be registered. You can switch between registered devices from “Device List” in the “Bluetooth Transmitter” setup menu.

Cannot connect Bluetooth headphones

Bring the Bluetooth headphones near to this unit.

Turn the power of the Bluetooth headphones off and on again, and then try again.

Go to “General” > “Bluetooth Transmitter”, and set “Transmitter” to “On” within the Setup Menu.

Make sure this unit is not already connected to another pair of Bluetooth headphones. Check the currently connected Bluetooth headphones by pressing INFO on the remote control or STATUS button on the unit.
Disconnect the connected Bluetooth headphones before connecting the ones you want to use.

Bluetooth headphones cannot be connected if Bluetooth is being used as an input source in any zone.

Bluetooth headphones cannot be connected if this unit is grouped in the HEOS app. Remove this unit from the group to enable Bluetooth headphones connection.

The Bluetooth headphones cannot connect with this unit if it is not compatible with the A2DP profile.

Connection and operation are not guaranteed for all Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Sound is interrupted or noise occurs

Move the Bluetooth headphones closer to this unit.

Remove obstructions between the Bluetooth headphones and this unit.

Reconnect the Bluetooth headphones.

To prevent electromagnetic interference, locate this unit away from microwave ovens, wireless LAN devices and other Bluetooth devices.

We recommend using wired LAN to connect this unit and other devices.

Bluetooth transmits on the 2.4 GHz band which may interfere with Wi-Fi transmitted on this band. Connect this unit and other devices to Wi-Fi network on a 5GHz band if available on your Wi-Fi router.

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