Restoring the firmware to the factory defaults

When the unit or the network functions do not work properly, operation may be improved by restoring the firmware to the factory defaults.

Do this when the unit still does not work properly even after trying the steps for Resetting factory settingslink or Resetting network, link

After the firmware is restored, various settings are reset to the default settings. Configure the settings and update the firmware again.

Ope Restore X85A
Press Power Button while simultaneously pressing SETUP and DIMMER.
When “Restoring FW...” appears on the display, release the buttons.

When the firmware restore is complete, “Completed” appears on the display for about 5 seconds, and the unit automatically restarts.

This operation takes time because it requires reconnecting to the network, restoring and updating the firmware.

If this operation does not improve the problem, contact our customer service center.


Do not turn off the power until the firmware restore is complete.

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