ZONE2 Setup / ZONE3 Setup

Makes settings for audio playback with ZONE2 and ZONE3.

Values set for “Volume Limit” and “Power On Volume” are displayed according to the setting specified for the volume “Scale”. link


Adjust bass.

-10 dB – +10 dB (Default : 0 dB)


Adjust treble.

-10 dB – +10 dB (Default : 0 dB)

High Pass Filter

Make settings for cutting the low range to reduce distortion in the bass.


The low range is attenuated.


The low range is not attenuated.

Lch Level

Adjust the left channel output level.

-12 dB – +12 dB (Default : 0 dB)

Rch Level

Adjust the right channel output level.

-12 dB – +12 dB (Default : 0 dB)


Set whether to playback in stereo or monaural.


Stereo playback.


Monaural playback.

HDMI Audio(ZONE2 only)

Selects the audio signal format for playing an HDMI source in ZONE2.


The HDMI audio signal is passed through this unit to the device in ZONE2.


The HDMI audio signal input into this unit is converted to a PCM signal that can be output from the ZONE2 PRE OUT terminals or speaker terminals.

Volume Level

Set the volume output level.


Volume can be adjusted.

1 – 98
(–79.5 dB – 18.0 dB):

Volume is fixed at the desired level. The volume cannot be adjusting using the remote control unit.

Volume Limit

Make a setting for maximum volume.

60 (-20 dB) / 70 (-10 dB) / 80 (0 dB)
(Default : 70 (-10 dB))


Do not set a maximum volume.

This can be set when “Volume Level” is set to “Variable”. link

Power On Volume

Define the volume setting that is active when the power is turned on.


Use the memorized setting from the last session.


Always use the muting on condition.

1 – 98
(–79.5 dB – 18.0 dB):

The volume is adjusted to the set level.

This can be set when “Volume Level” is set to “Variable”. link

Mute Level

Set the amount of attenuation when muting is on.


The sound is muted entirely.

–40 dB :

The sound is attenuated by 40 dB down.

–20 dB :

The sound is attenuated by 20 dB down.

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