Wearing the headphones

These headphones are supplied with different sizes of ear rings and ear tips for adjusting the fit. Use the combination that best suits your ears in order to find the most comfortable fit.link

Wear the headphones as described below.

Insert the ear tip of the “L” of the headphones into the left ear, and the ear tip of the “R” into the right ear.

When using the Comply (TM) form ear tips that are already attached to the headphones, mold the ear tips with your fingers before inserting in your ears.

Lift the hook parts of the headphones over the ears and then hook them behind the ears as shown in the figure.
Ope Wearing AHC160

Adjusting the length of the headphones cable

Attach the supplied slider to the headphones cable as shown in the figure and then adjust the length of the cable.
Setting the slider to the position in the figure will make it difficult for any vibration sound resulting from the cable moving up and down during jogging to be transmitted to the ears.

Ope Wearing-2 AHC160

Do not forcefully pull or bundle the cable. The cable may break resulting in the inability to output sound.

After attaching the slider, check that it does not become detached by vibration.

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