Playback in ZONE2

Ope ZONE2 RC1189
Press ZONE2  Power Button to turn on the ZONE2 power.

The Z2-kurowaku indicator on the display lights.

Power in ZONE2 can be turned on or off by pressing ZONE2 ON/OFF on the main unit.

Press ZONE2 SOURCE to select the input source to be played.

The audio signal of the selected source is output to ZONE2.

To perform an operation with the main unit, press ZONE2 SOURCE. Each time you press ZONE2 SOURCE, the input source changes.

Adjusting the volume

Use ZONE2 VOLUME  kurosankaku Sankaku-Reverse to adjust the volume.

At time of purchase, “Volume Limit” is set to “70 (–10 dB)”. link

Turn MASTER VOLUME after pressing ZONE2 SOURCE on the main unit to adjust the volume.

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