Choose whether to connect the home network to a wireless LAN or a wired LAN.
When connecting to the network using wired LAN, select “Wired(Ethernet)” after connecting a LAN cable,
When connecting to the network using wireless LAN, select “Wireless(Wi-Fi)” and configure the “Wi-Fi Setup”.

Connect Using

Select the method for connecting to the home network (LAN).


Use a LAN cable to connect to a network.


Use the wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) function to connect to a network.

You can disable the Wi-Fi function of this unit by configuring the following settings.

Press and hold the main unit’s ZONE2 SOURCE and STATUS at the same time for at least 3 seconds.

“V.Format: <NTSC>” appears on the display.

Use the main unit’s DIMMER to display “Wired LAN <Unlock>”.
Use the main unit’s TUNER PRESET CH + or TUNER PRESET CH - to select “<Lock>”.
Press the main unit’s STATUS to complete the setting.

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