Bluetooth Transmitter

Sets this unit's Bluetooth transmitter.

Set to use Bluetooth headphones to listen to audio playing in the MAIN ZONE.


Enables or disables the Bluetooth transmitter.


Enables the Bluetooth transmitter feature.


Disables the Bluetooth transmitter feature.

Output Mode

Selects the audio output method.

Bluetooth + Speakers

Audio is output to Bluetooth headphones and main zone speakers.

Bluetooth Only:

Audio is output to Bluetooth headphones only.

Connected device

Displays the Bluetooth device connected to this unit.

Device List

Available devices are displayed in the list once you start pairing mode on the Bluetooth headphones you want to connect. Select your Bluetooth headphones from the list to pair them.
This unit can only pair with one Bluetooth headphone at a time. However, up to 8 Bluetooth headphones can be registered. Switch between registered devices from Device List in the “Bluetooth Transmitter” setup menu.
To remove a saved Bluetooth device from the list, use the shirosankaku shirosankaku-Reverse buttons to select it, then press the OPTION button and select “Forget This Device”.

“Output Mode” can also be set from “Bluetooth Transmitter” in the option menu.

A2DP profile-compatible Bluetooth speakers can be connected following the same steps used to connect Bluetooth headphones.

This item cannot be set when "Bluetooth" is set to "Disabled". link


Bluetooth transmitter and Bluetooth receiver function cannot be used at the same time. Settings in this menu are not available when listening to music on a Bluetooth device in any zone.

Even when “Transmitter” is set to “On”, press Bluetooth on the remote control to select the “Bluetooth” source and enable the Bluetooth receiver function.
To listen to music stored on Bluetooth devices such as smartphones on this unit, press Bluetooth on the remote control to switch the input source to Bluetooth, then reconnect the Bluetooth device.

Menu settings for Bluetooth Transmitter are not available when this unit is grouped within the HEOS App.

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