Speaker configuration and “Amp Assign” settings

This unit has a built-in 7-channel power amplifier. In addition to the basic 5.1-channel system, a variety of speaker systems can be configured by changing the “Amp Assign” settings to suit the application, such as 7.1-channel systems, bi-amp connections and 2-channel systems for multi-zone playback. link

Perform “Amp Assign” settings to suit the number of rooms and speaker configuration to be installed. link

Playback speaker and zone

“Amp Assign” settings

Connection page




2-channel (Pre-out)

Can be set in all “Amp Assign” modes.

7.1-channel (surround back)

2-channel (Pre-out)

Surround Back

7.1-channel (front height)

2-channel (Pre-out)

Front Height

7.1-channel (top front)

2-channel (Pre-out)

Top Front

7.1-channel (top middle)

2-channel (Pre-out)

Top Middle

7.1-channel (front Dolby Atmos Enabled speaker)

2-channel (Pre-out)

Front Dolby

7.1-channel (surround Dolby Atmos Enabled speaker)

2-channel (Pre-out)

Surround Dolby

5.1-channel (bi-amp connection for front speaker)

2-channel (Pre-out)


5.1-channel + second pair of front speaker

2-channel (Pre-out)

Front B


(Speaker out)

ZONE2 (Default)

The sound mode that can be selected varies according to the speaker configuration.

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