Using vTuner to add Internet Radio stations to favorites

There are many Internet Radio stations in the world, and this unit can tune into these stations. But finding the radio station you want to hear may be difficult, because there are too many stations. If this is the case, then please use vTuner, an Internet Radio station search website specifically designed for this unit. You can use your PC to search Internet Radio stations and add them as your favorites. This unit can play radio stations added to vTuner.

Check the MAC address of this unit. (Informationlink)

The MAC address is necessary when you create an account for vTuner.

Use your PC to access the vTuner website(
Enter the MAC address of this unit, then click “Go”.
Enter your E-mail address and a password of your choice.
Select the search criteria (genre, region, language, etc.) of your choice.

You can also enter a keyword to search for a station you want to hear.

Select the radio station of your choice from the list, and then click the Add to Favorites icon.
Enter the name of the favorite group, then click “Go”.

A new favorite group that includes the selected radio station is created.

Internet Radio stations added to favorites in vTuner can be played from “” with this unit. link

You can also add a radio station that is not in the vTuner list.

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