Set distance from listening position to speakers.

Measure beforehand the distance from the listening position to each speaker.


Set the unit of distance.




Set the minimum variable width of the distance.

1 ft / 0.1 ft (Default: 1 ft)

0.1 m / 0.01 m

Set Defaults

The “Distances” settings are returned to the default settings.

Set the distance

0.0 ft – 60.0 ft / 0.00 m – 18.00 m

The speakers that can be selected differ depending on the “Amp Assign” and “Speaker Config.” settings. (Amp Assignlink, Speaker Config.link)

Default settings:
Front L / Front R / F. Height L / F. Height R / F. Wide L / F. Wide R / Center / Subwoofer 1 / Subwoofer 2: 12.0 ft (3.60 m)
Speakers other than the above: 10.0 ft (3.00 m)

Set the difference in the distance between the speakers to less than 20.0 ft (6.00 m).

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