High quality sound

With discrete circuit technology, the power amplifier provides identical quality for all 9-channels (175 Watts x 9-channels)

For optimum realism and stunning dynamic range, the power amplifier section features discrete power devices (not integrated circuitry).

By using high current, high power discrete power devices, the amplifier is able to easily drive high quality speakers.

Dolby Atmoslink

This unit is equipped with a decoder that supports Dolby Atmos audio format. The placement or movement of sound is accurately reproduced by the addition of overhead speakers, enabling you to experience an incredibly natural and realistic surround sound field.


This unit is equipped with the DTS:X decoder technology. DTS:X brings the home theater experience to new heights with its immersive object based audio technology which removes the bounds of channels. The flexibility of objects allows for sound to be scaled large or small and moved around the room with greater accuracy than ever before leading to a richer immersive audio experience.

Audyssey DSX®link

This unit is equipped with Audyssey DSX® processor. By connecting front height speakers to this unit and playing back with Audyssey DSX® processing you can experience a more vertically expansive front soundstage. By connecting two front wide speakers, you can experience a wider and more expanded front soundstage.

Audyssey LFC™ (Low Frequency Containment)link

Audyssey LFC™ solves the problem of low frequency sounds disturbing people in neighboring rooms or apartments. Audyssey LFC™ dynamically monitors the audio content and removes the low frequencies that pass through walls, floors and ceilings. It then applies psychoacoustic processing to restore the perception of low bass for listeners in the room. The result is great sound that no longer disturbs the neighbors.

Discrete subwoofers and Audyssey Sub EQ HT™ link

The unit has two subwoofer output capability and can adjust the level and delay for each subwoofer individually.
Audyssey Sub EQ HT™ makes the integration seamless by first compensating for any level and delay differences between the two subwoofers and then applying Audyssey MultEQ® XT32 to both subwoofers together for improved deep bass response and detail.

Denon’s unique high quality playback technology “Denon Link HD” link

This unit is equipped with our exclusive “Denon Link HD” technology. When connected to a Denon disc player that has Denon Link HD, the sound localization becomes more precise, with increased detail and definition. The system works by carrying the critical clock timing signals via the dedicated Denon Link HD connection, minimizing the jitter caused by conventional digital connections. This effect can be applied to an audio source of any media from a Blu-ray Disc player.

This technology enables the playback of 2-channel source audio or 7.1/5.1 multi-channel source audio through a maximum 11.1-channel speakers, achieving an even broader soundstage.

Upgrade (Auro-3D)


This unit is equipped with an Auro-3D decoder.
With Auro-3D, Front Height (FHL+FHR), Surround Height (SHL+SHR) and Top Surround (TS/optional) are added to a conventional 5.1-channel system to achieve a natural and realistic sound field that is three-dimensional and fully immersive.

After performing the Auro-3D upgrade you will be able to fully enjoy Auro-3D playback if you properly place the speakers for Auro-3D.

Square Black Auro-3D playback

Pict SP Position Auro3D

Square Black Dolby Atmos playback

Pict SP Position Auro3D atmos

Auro-3D does not support a Dolby Atmos configuration using Top Front, Top Middle, Top Rear, or any Dolby Atmos Enabled speakers.
If you are using these speakers and want to take full advantage of the Auro-3D Upgrade, you need to relocate them to Front Height and Surround Height speaker locations as shown above.
But it is possible to support both an Auro-3D and Dolby Atmos by adding Front Height and Rear Height speakers* to a 5.1 configuration.

For an optimum Auro-3D experience Surround Height speakers are strongly recommended.

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