Viewing photographs shared by particular users

Prepare for playback.

Check the network environment, then turn on this unit’s power. (Connecting to a home network (LAN)link)

Use shirosankaku shirosankaku-Reverse White-Arrow-Left White-Arrow-Right to select “Flickr”, then press ENTER.
GUI Flickr JPE1E2
Use shirosankaku shirosankaku-Reverse to select “Add Flickr Contact”, then press ENTER.
Enter the screen name that you wish to add to “Contact” (Screen Name: User name you wish to view).

For character input, see Using the keyboard screenlink.

After inputting the “Contact”, press “OK”.

The screen name is added to “Contact”, and the screen name you entered in step 5 is displayed on the top screen of Flickr.

If you enter a screen name that does not exist, “The Flickr Contact you entered could not be found” is displayed. Check and enter the correct screen name.

Use shirosankaku shirosankaku-Reverse to select the screen name added to “Contact”, then press ENTER.
Use shirosankaku shirosankaku-Reverse to select the folder, then press ENTER.

Favorites :

Displays the favorite photographs of the specified user.

Photostream :

Displays a list of shared photographs.

PhotoSets :

Displays the folder (photograph album) list.

Contacts :

Displays the screen name used by the specified user in Contacts.

Remove this Contact :

Deletes a user from Flickr Contact.

Add this Contact :

Adds a user from Flickr Contact.

Use shirosankaku shirosankaku-Reverse   White-Arrow-Right to select the photograph, then press ENTER.

The selected photograph is displayed.

Operation buttons


Operation buttons


Triangle Right


Square Black




(Press and hold) Stop

shirosankaku shirosankaku-Reverse

Display previous photograph / Display next photograph

CH/PAGE  kurosankaku   Sankaku-Reverse

Switch to the previous page/next page in the list display

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