If a problem should arise, first check the following.

Are the connections correct?
Is the set being operated as described in the owner’s manual?
Are the other devices operating properly?

If this unit does not operate properly, check the items listed in the table below.

Should the problem persist, there may be a malfunction. In this case, disconnect the power immediately and contact your store of purchase.

Power does not turn on / Power is turned off

Check whether the power plug is correctly inserted into the power outlet.

This unit is in standby mode. Press the POWER Power Button button on the remote control.

The Auto Standby mode is set. The Auto Standby mode switches the unit to standby mode when the unit is not operated for approximately 30 minutes.

Operations cannot be performed through the remote control unit

Batteries are worn out. Replace with new batteries.

Operate the remote control unit within a distance of about 7 m from this unit and at an angle of within 30°.

Remove any obstacle between this unit and the remote control unit.

Insert the batteries in the proper direction, checking the Thread-Plus and Tread-Minus marks.

The unit’s remote control sensor is exposed to strong light (direct sunlight, inverter type fluorescent bulb light, etc.). Move the unit to a place in which the remote control sensor will not be exposed to strong light.

When using a 3D video device, the remote control unit of this unit may not function due to effects of infrared communications between units (such as TV and glasses for 3D viewing). In this case, adjust the direction of units with the 3D communications function and their distance to ensure they do not affect operations from the remote control unit of this unit.

Display on this unit shows nothing

Press the DIMMER button, and change the setting to anything other than off.

The display turns off when the Pure Direct mode is on.

No sound comes out

Check the connections for all devices.

Insert connection cables all the way in.

Check that input connectors and output connectors are not reversely connected.

Check cables for damage.

Check the amplifier’s functions and controls and adjust as necessary.

Digital audio output stops during playback of the HD layer of Super Audio CDs, DSD files and files with a sampling frequency of 32 kHz.

Sound is interrupted or noise occurs

The sound may skip during playback of a CD-R/CD-RW containing a high-resolution audio source.

This may be caused by poor recording conditions, or the disc itself may be of poor quality. Use a correctly recorded disc.

Cannot playback Discs

The disc is dirty or scratched. Either clean the disc, or insert a different disc.

Discs cannot be played back unless they have been finalized. Use a finalized disc.

This may be caused by poor recording conditions, or the disc itself may be of poor quality. Use a correctly recorded disc.

Files are created in a format that is not supported by this unit. Check the formats supported by this unit.

“ No Disc” is displayed if the disc is loaded upside-down or if no disc is loaded.

“Unsupported” is displayed if a disc that cannot be played is loaded.

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