Connecting the AC adapter

Wait until all connections have been completed before connecting the AC adapter.

Attach the plug needed for your wall outlet as shown in the figure below.

【Attaching the AC adapter plug】

Insert the nubs on the bottom of the AC adapter plug into the grooves on the AC adapter as shown in the picture below.
Conne AC adapter 1
Push in the direction of the arrow until it locks in with an audible click.
Conne AC adapter 2

【Removing the AC adapter plug】

Slide the AC adapter plug out in the direction of the arrow as far as it can go while holding the cirnumw_1 button.
Remove AC adapter 1
Once the AC adapter plug has been slid out as far as possible, lift it up in the direction of the arrow to remove.
Remove AC adapter 2

Connecting the AC adapter

Conne AC DP450USB

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