Replacing the cartridge

If you wish to mount a different cartridge on this unit, use one weighing about 59 to 128 mN (about 5 to 13 g).

Removing the cartridge

Turn the lock nut in the direction of the arrow and remove the head shell.
Remove Head shell
Remove the cartridge mount screws.
Disconnect the lead wires on the cartridge side.
Remove cartridge

Perform this operation with the stylus cover of the cartridge lowered to protect the stylus tip.

Mounting the cartridge

Connect the lead wires to the cartridge.

Lead wires are differentiated by color as shown in the following diagram. Refer to indications and the instruction manual of the cartridge you are going to use to ensure you connect it correctly.

Lead wire color
Mount the cartridge on the head shell.

To achieve the required overhang, mount in such a way that the stylus tip is positioned about 50 mm from the edge of the head shell’s mount surface, as shown on the diagram below. (The unit overhang is 16 mm)

Mount cartridge

After you replace the cartridge, adjust needle pressure and anti-skating, etc. link

Built-in phono equalizer is for MM cartridges only.

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