Cannot hear Bluetooth music


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Your Bluetooth mobile device is not paired with HEOS speaker. Re-pair the HEOS speaker to the mobile device.

The HEOS speaker is Wi-Fi mode or Aux-in mode etc. Pair and connect Bluetooth device to HEOS speaker.

The Bluetooth mobile device is connected to another audio device. Make sure your Bluetooth device is connected to HEOS speaker.

The volume on Bluetooth mobile device is too low. Check the volume on the Bluetooth mobile device. Check the volume on the HEOS speaker.

HEOS 1 is off. Connect HEOS 1 to AC power or turn on the HEOS 1 battery by pressing battery power button for 2 seconds. Check the AC power outlet is working.

HEOS 1 battery is fully depleted. Check the battery gauge. Recharge the battery.

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