Menu map

For menu operations, see the following page.

By default, this unit has recommended settings defined. You can customize this unit based on your existing system and your preferences.

Setting items



Source Direct

Sets the tone adjustment.


Adjusts the bass sound.


Adjusts the treble sound.


Adjust the left/right volume balance.

H/P AMP Gain

Set the gain of the headphone amplifier.


Switches the Bluetooth function on/off.

Auto Standby

When there is no input signal and operation for 30 minutes, this unit automatically enters the standby mode.


Menu operation

Press SETUP.

The menu is displayed on the display.

Use shirosankaku shirosankaku-Reverse to select the menu to be set or operated, then press ENTER.
Use shirosankaku shirosankaku-Reverse White-Arrow-Right   White-Arrow-Left to change to desired setting.
Press ENTER to enter the setting.

To return to the previous item, press BACK or White-Arrow-Right .

Exiting the Menu, press SETUP while the menu is displayed. The display returns to the normal display.

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