Playing CDs

This section uses playback from a CD as an example.

Press the input source select button (CD) to switch the input source to “CD”.

The “CD” input indicator lights.

Playback the CD.
Use VOLUME kurosankaku Sankaku-Reverse to adjust the volume.

Playback in source direct mode

The signal does not pass through the tone adjustment circuitry (BASS, TREBLE and BALANCE), resulting in playback of a higher sound quality.

Press SOURCE DIRECT on the main unit to turn on source direct mode.

The SOURCE DIRECT indicator lights.

Playback in analog mode

If analog mode is turned on when playing back an analog input source (PHONO, CD, NETWORK, AUX, RECORDER), power to the digital input circuit is turned off. This prevents the analog signal circuit from being affected by noise generated by the digital control circuit, resulting in high quality audio playback.

Press ANALOG MODE on the main unit to turn analog mode on.

ANALOG MODE indicator lights.

Analog mode switches on or off each time the button is pressed.

Analog mode on:

Turns the digital input circuit power off.

Analog mode off:

Analog mode is not used.

A digital input source (COAXIAL, OPTICAL 1/2/3) cannot be selected when analog mode is on.

The input source automatically switches to “CD” if analog mode is turned on during playback of a digital input source (COAXIAL, OPTICAL 1/2/3).

When the analog mode is switched, the mute circuit is activated for about 5 seconds.

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