Playing CDs

Press CD to switch the input source to “DISC”.
Insert a disc. link

Playback starts.

Press Triangle-Underline on the main unit to open/close the disc tray.

You can set whether to automatically play CDs. link


Do not place any foreign objects in the disc tray. Doing so could result in damage.

Do not push the disc tray in by hand when the power is turned off. Doing so could result in damage.

Operation buttons


Triangle Right / Pause

Playback / Pause

Square Black


Skip-Left Skip-Right

Skip to previous track / Skip to next track

Rewind Forward

(Press and hold)
Fast-reverse / Fast-forward

0 – 9, +10

Select the track


Random playback


Repeat playback

Switching between Single-track repeat and All-track repeat.


Switching the elapsed time display

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