Cannot playback Discs

Cannot playback when the play button is pressed, or cannot correctly play back a specific part of the disc.

The disc is dirty or scratched. Either clean the disc, or insert a different disc.

Cannot playback CD-R/CD-RW.

Discs cannot be played back unless they have been finalized. Use a finalized disc. link

This may be caused by poor recording conditions, or the disc itself may be of poor quality. Use a correctly recorded disc.

Files are created in a format that is not supported by this unit. Check the formats supported by this unit. link

“No Disc” is displayed.

“No Disc” is displayed if the disc is loaded upside-down or if no disc is loaded. link

“Unsupported” is displayed.

“Unsupported” is displayed if a disc that cannot be played is loaded. link

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