Procedure for speaker settings (Audyssey® Setup)

Pict Audyssey Procedure
Attach the Sound calibration microphone to the supplied microphone stand or own tripod and install it at the main listening position.

When installing the Sound calibration microphone, point the tip of the microphone toward the ceiling and adjust the height to match the height of the ears of a listener in a seated position.

If using a subwoofer capable of the following adjustments, set up the subwoofer as shown below.

When using a subwoofer with a direct mode

Set the direct mode to “On” and disable the volume adjustment and crossover frequency setting.

When using a subwoofer without a direct mode

Make the following settings:

Volume : 12 o’clock position

Crossover frequency : Maximum/Highest Frequency

Low pass filter : Off

Standby mode : Off

Connect the Sound calibration microphone to the SETUP MIC jack of this unit.
Ope SetupMIC X85
GUI AudysseySetup3 X4200E3
Select “Start”, then press ENTER.

Audyssey® Setup can also make the following settings.

Amp Assign

The signals output from the SURROUND BACK, HEIGHT1, HEIGHT2, HEIGHT3 and HEIGHT4/FRONT WIDE speaker terminals can be switched in accordance with your speaker environment. (Amp Assignlink)

Channel Select

If channels that are not to be used are set in advance, measurement for the set channels is skipped, and measuring time can be reduced. You can also change the number of surround back speakers and subwoofer.

Dolby Speaker Setup

Set the distance between the Dolby Atmos Enabled speaker and the ceiling.

This can be set when using the Front Dolby Atmos Enabled, Surround Dolby Atmos Enabled or Back Dolby Atmos Enabled speaker.

Follow the instructions on the screen display and press “Next” to proceed further.
When the following screen is displayed, select “Begin Test” and then press ENTER.

Start the measurement of the first position.

GUI AudysseySetup6 X3500E3

Measurement requires several minutes.


If “Caution!” is displayed on TV screen:

Go to Error messageslink. Check any related items, and perform the necessary procedures.

If the volume level for the subwoofer is not appropriate, an error message is displayed. See “Subwoofer level error message and how to adjust” link.

When the detected speaker is displayed, select “Next” and then press ENTER.
GUI Audyssey7 X34E3
Move the Sound calibration microphone to position 2, select “Continue”, then press ENTER.

The measurement of the second position starts.

Measurements can be made in up to eight positions.

GUI Audyssey8 X85E2

Stopping Audyssey® Setup

Press BACK to display the popup screen.
Press White-Arrow-Left to select “Yes”, then press ENTER.
Repeat step 8, measuring positions 3 to 8.

To skip measuring the fourth and subsequent listening position, press White-Arrow-Left to select “Complete” and press ENTER to proceed to step 11.

Select “Continue”, then press ENTER.
GUI AudysseySetup10 X4200E3

Start the analysis and storage of the measurement results.

Analysis takes several minutes to complete.
The more speakers and measurement positions that there are, the more time it takes to perform the analysis.


When the measurement results are being saved, make sure the power is not turned off.

Perform the settings for Audyssey Dynamic EQ® and Audyssey Dynamic Volume®.

The following screen is displayed during the analysis. Configure the settings as preferred.

GUI AudysseySetup12 X4200E3

Dynamic EQ corrects the frequency response in consideration of the audio characteristics of the room and human hearing ability so that sound can be heard even at low volume.
This is recommended when using the unit with the volume turned down, e.g. when enjoying a movie or TV program in the middle of the night.

Dynamic Volume adjusts the output volume to the optimal level while constantly monitoring the level of the audio input to the unit.
Optimal volume control is performed automatically without any loss in the dynamism and clarity of the sound when, for example, the volume suddenly increases for commercials shown during television programs.

When the analysis and storage ends, unplug the Sound calibration microphone from the SETUP MIC jack on the main unit and then press “Next”.
GUI AudysseySetup13 X3500
Select “Details” and press ENTER to verify the measurement results.

Subwoofers may measure a greater reported distance than the actual distance due to added electrical delay common in subwoofers.


Do not enable new speakers in speaker configuration menu after Audyssey® Setup. If it is changed, run Audyssey® Setup again in order to configure the optimum equalizer settings.

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