Sound mode that can be selected for each input signal

The following sound modes can be selected using the MOVIE, MUSIC and GAME buttons.

Adjust the sound field effect with the menu “Surr.Parameter” to enjoy surround sound the way you like it. link

Pict Soundmode1 S64

2-channel also includes analog input.

This mode plays back 2-channel sources in 5.1-channel playback. It cannot be selected when headphones are used or when the speaker configuration is front speakers only.

Pict Soundmode2 S64

The sound mode that can be selected differs depending on the audio format of the input signal and the number of channels. For details, see Types of input signals, and corresponding sound modeslink.

Views on the display


Shows a decoder to be used.

A Dolby Digital Plus decoder is displayed as “ Icon Dolby DD Plus ”.

Shows the name of the input source being played back.

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