Charging for the first time

This unit has an internal battery. Be sure to charge the battery before use.

It takes approximately 3.5 hours to recharge the battery when it is completely run down using a USB charger (1.5 A or higher) or approximately 6.5 hours when charging from a computer.

Turn the power off.

This unit can be charged when the power is on, but doing so increases the time required for charging.

Use the supplied micro USB cable to connect this device to a computer, or connect a USB charger to the USB-DAC port.
Conne PC USB charger DA10

Before USB connecting this unit to your computer, install the driver software in your computer. link

Download the driver software from the DA-10 page of the Denon website.

It may take some time for this unit to be recognized as an enabled device on the computer the first time it is connected to a computer.

Charge this unit in a location where the ambient temperature is between 5 to 35 ℃. The unit may not charge if the temperature is outside this range.

Connect this unit directly to a computer. It may not charge correctly if connected through a USB hub, etc.

If you are listening to music at high volume while charging this unit, the battery may still run down even while charging the unit if the speed at which power is consumed is faster than the charging speed.

Do not charge this unit while it is inside the supplied pouch, as doing so will cause heat to build up. Remove this unit from the pouch before charging.

Remove this unit from the charger when charging is complete.

Charge this unit approximately once every six months, even if you do not use it for a long time.

Do not connect this unit to a device with a charging voltage other than 5V.

If you connect this unit to a computer, make sure that the power of the computer is on.

Battery indicator

Battery indicator DA-10

The status of the battery when charging this unit or when using this unit are displayed as described below.

When connected using the micro USB cable (charging)

Fully charged: Lit green

Charging: Lit orange

Charging stopped: Off

Not charging correctly: Lit red

If the battery indicator is lit in red during charging, it is recommended that you change the battery.
Contact our customer service center or repair center.

When running on the battery

The remaining battery power is displayed for approximately 10 seconds when the power is turned on.

Remaining battery

Battery indicator (CHARGE)

50 - 100 %

Blinking green (5 times when the power is turned on)

20 - 49 %

Blinking orange (5 times when the power is turned on)

19 % or less

Blinking red (continuous)

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