Are the connections correct?
Is the set being operated as described in the owner’s manual?
Are the other devices operating properly?

If this unit does not operate properly, check the items listed in the table below.

Should the problem persist, there may be a malfunction. In this case, disconnect the power immediately and contact your store of purchase.

Power does not turn on / Power is turned off

The battery is completely exhausted. Charge the unit.

If the continuous battery usage time has deteriorated to approximately half of the usage time when purchased, it is possible that the battery has reached the end of its life span.
Contact the store where you purchased this unit or the customer service center for a replacement battery.

This unit becomes unusually hot or an unusual smell occurs during use

Immediately turn the power off and stop using this unit. Contact our customer service center or repair center.

Sound is not output/sound is quiet

Check that the proper input source is selected using the input source selection switch (INPUT).

Check that power to this unit and the connected devices is on.

Adjust to an appropriate volume level on this unit and the connected devices.

Check that the cables are properly connected.

The AUX input connector on this unit supports 3-pole stereo mini plugs. Be sure to use 3-pole stereo mini plug cables.

If this unit is not recognized by the computer as a USB device, restart the computer.

Your headphones may not be set with the appropriate gain settings. Switch the gain selection switch (GAIN) of this unit to “HIGH”.

Sound is distorted, sound is interrupted

Turn off the equalizer and other such settings on the playback device.

Sound may be interrupted if the CPU load on the computer is too large.
Exit any unnecessary applications on the computer.

Cannot adjust the volume

Switch the output mode selecting switch (OUTPUT) to “VAR”, and turn the power off and on again.

Cannot charge the unit/charging takes a long time

Charging may stop if the ambient temperature exceeds the range of 5 to 35 ℃. Charge this unit in a location where the temperature is between 5 to 35 ℃.

This unit cannot be charged when the power is on if the charge mode selection switch (CHARGE) is set to OFF. Turn the power off or set the charge mode selection switch (CHARGE) to ON.

If this unit is connected to a computer, make sure that the power of the computer is on.

It may take a long time to charge the unit if the unit has not been used for a long time.
It is recommended that you replace the battery if the unit does not become fully charged even after charging for more than 18 hours.

It takes longer to charge the unit when charging with the power turned on. Charge the unit with the power turned off.

Replace the cable or charger.

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