High quality sound

High Bitrate and High Sampling with Advanced AL32 Processing Plus

A high bitrate and high sampling has been achieved with Denon's unique data interpolation algorithm. 16 bit audio signals are converted to a high bitrate of 32 bit and 44.1 kHz sampling signals are up-sampled by 16x to achieve smoother recreation of sound waves. Data interpolation is also used, predicting interpolation points from a large number of surrounding points to provide audio as close as possible to the original sound. This elaborate restoration of data lost during digital recording achieves fine, distortion-free rendering, accurate sound localizing, rich bass and recreation that is faithful to the original sound.

DAC Master Clock Design for the Ideal Clock

To make full use of the properties of this unit's semiconductor, it was important to use a highly accurate clock signal for the semiconductor's operations. This model contains 2 oscillators, one for each frequency. These oscillators are developed to dramatically decrease phase noise caused by frequency displacement, achieving a more stable and more accurate clock than ever before. The master clock is near the D/A converter, reducing jittering to achieve faithful playback.

Advanced S.V.H. Mechanism & Direct Mechanical Ground Construction

Advanced S.V.H. Mechanism, each individual part, including the disc tray made of Xylon with 2 metal damper plates, is composed of different metallic materials each designed for their specific purpose. This produces outstanding vibration-damping properties, including damping enhancement and diffusion of the resonance point due to the high mass. The mechanism is designed with a low center of gravity, reducing vibration from the inner area during disc rotation, and its structure is also highly resistant to external vibration. It also employs Direct Mechanical Ground Construction, which completely eliminates the impact of internal and external vibration, for example by locating the power transformer close to the foot. This prevents the transmission of unwanted vibration as well as noise outflow.

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