Setting the top priority playback layer for Super Audio CDs

The layer that is played with priority when the disc is loaded can be set.

Check that no disc is loaded.

If the layer is switched while the disc is being loaded, the playback layer switches for that disc, but the top priority playback layer setting itself does not change.

Press MODE and switch to the layer you want to set.


Plays back the 2-channel area of the Super Audio CD.


Plays back the multi-channel area of the Super Audio CD.

The analog output of this unit outputs a down-mixed 2-channel signal.


Plays back the CD layer of the Super Audio CD.

The layer for playback can also be switched by pressing DISC LAYER on this unit.

When a disc is loaded after the setting has been made, the contents recorded on the set layer are displayed.

If a disc that does not contain the layer set for top priority playback is loaded, the contents recorded on another layer are displayed automatically.

This setting is stored in the memory and is not cleared even when the disc holder is opened or closed or the power is turned off. To change the setting, repeat the procedure above.

The priority playback layer cannot be set when a disc is inserted or “Open” is shown on the display.

If the area and layer have not been set for a disc, the priority playback order is as follows:


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