Before using the remote control unit

The remote control unit has a built-in lithium battery.

Pull out the insulation sheet before use.

Input Battery 0 DCD50

Replacing the battery

Insert a pointed object into the hole in the battery case and pull out the battery tray.
Input Battery 1 DCD50
Insert the lithium battery correctly into the battery compartment as indicated.
Replace the battery case in the original position.
Input Battery 2 DCD50

When inserting the lithium battery, be sure to do so in the proper direction, following the Icon Plus and Icon Minus marks in the battery compartment.

If the battery should have a leakage, immediately replace and dispose of the battery. In this case, there is a risk of burn when the liquid comes in contact with skins or clothes, so a great care should be taken. If the liquid accidentally comes in contact, wash with tap water and consult a doctor.

Remove the battery from the remote control unit if it will not be in use for long periods.

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