High quality amplifier stressing sound quality

Equipped with a 30 W + 30 W (6 Ω/Ohms) high-quality amplifier circuits.

Direct Play for iPod® and iPhone® via USB

Music data from an iPod can be played back if you connect the USB cable supplied with the iPod via the USB port of this unit, and also an iPod can be controlled with the Remote control unit for this unit.

Weight and Dramatic sound

The board and circuit configuration has been redesigned to achieve lower impedance. Since stable current is supplied to the power amp and other sections, it is possible to realize as much as 30 watts of power.

Simple & Straight circuit design for sound purity and free of coloration

Denon’s popular M series gives you high sound quality based on the simple & straight concept. Circuitry is uncomplicated, signal paths are short, and all adverse influences on sound quality have been minimized. This unit also provides the Auto standby mode, where it goes into the standby state when there is no operation for 15 minutes.

Playback of a variety of formats stored on a USB device

Supports playback of USB memory devices on which MP3, WMA, FLAC or MPEG-4 AAC files are recorded. The unit’s display can display the title of the track and the name of the artist of the current track.

Low standby power consumption

Designed with the environment in mind, the unit consumes just 0.3 W while in standby mode.

Remote control unit

This unit is shipped with a remote control unit that has large buttons for frequently used functions, allowing you to quickly find the desired function.

High quality headphone Amp with Amp gain control

This unit is equipped with a high-quality headphone amplifier on which the gain can be adjusted. A variety of headphones are supported.

2 digital (optical) inputs for TV or digital gear

You can connect audio from a TV or a media player digitally to enjoy impressive, high-quality sound.

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