I want to play back music with a single operation from the standby state

When a input source select buttons, Triangle Right / Pause button or Triangle-Underline button is pressed, the operation is performed at the same time as the unit switches on. link

I want to play back music immediately after connecting an iPod or USB memory device

When connected to the USB port, the Input Source automatically changes and playback begins. link, link

I only want to recharge my iPod

Connect the iPod to this unit when the unit power is on. Then turn the unit power off, and the iPod will continue to charge until fully charged. link

I want to specify an iPod track as the alarm

Change the playback mode of this unit to From iPod in order to use the alarm playback on an iPod touch or iPhone. After pausing the track that you want to play back, set the iPod touch or iPhone to sleep state. Alarm playback cannot be used if the power of the iPod touch or iPhone is turned off. link

I want to display the clock constantly

The clock can be constantly displayed by turning the CLOCK MODE button On. link

I want to make the volume of the headphones the same as that of the speakers

You can increase the sound from the headphones at the same volume setting by changing the H/P AMP GAIN settings. link

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