Connecting to the earphones for the first time

With the earphones in the charging case, open the lid of the charging case.

The pairing mode will be activated.

During the pairing mode, the status LED flashes slowly in white.

Open case lid C630W
Turn on the Bluetooth function of your Bluetooth device.

For details, see the Owner’s Manual of the Bluetooth device that you want to connect.

Select “DENON AH-C830NCW” from the list of devices displayed on the screen of your Bluetooth device.

The Bluetooth connection is established.

On the screen of the Bluetooth device, confirm that a connection has been made.

BT select C830NCW
Playing back music on the Bluetooth device.

Music played back on the connected Bluetooth device is output from the earphones.


Before playing music, check the volume setting of the used Bluetooth device and enjoy it at the appropriate volume. Volume operation cannot be performed with the earphones.

If you put the earphones in the charging case and open the lid of the charging case again, earphones automatically connects to the last Bluetooth device that was connected.

The earphones pairing mode is canceled if pairing is not completed within 2 minutes. In this case, if the lid of the charging case is opened after closing it, the earphones perform a pairing again.

If the status LED does not flash in white even when you open the lid of the charging case, the earphones are not in the pairing mode. With the lid of the charging case left open, long press the multi-function button on the back of the charging case for approximately 2 seconds to switch to the pairing mode.

Push charging case button 2s

If you are requested to enter a PIN code (pass key), enter “0000” (four zeros).

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