Charging the charging case

If the charging case is charged with the earphones in it, both the charging case and earphones are charged.

Connect the charging case to the USB AC adapter (commercially available) or a PC with the USB cable (supplied).
Conne Charging C630W

The charging status can be checked from the status LED on the charging case.

Charging status

Color of status LED

(20 % or less)

Blinks in red

Charging case LED RE BL

(more than 20 %)

Blinks in green

Charging case LED GR BL

Fully charged

Solid green

Charging case LED GR SO

When using the earphones for the first time after purchase or when the remaining power of the rechargeable battery is low, charge the battery. When the level of the rechargeable battery is low, a notification sound is heard from the earphones.

The earphones can be used for approximately 4.8 hours of music playback (noise cancelling mode) of music playback when fully charged.

It takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge the rechargeable battery from the state of no remaining battery power.

The usable time of the earphones differs depending on the temperature of the environment in which they are used and method of use.


When connecting the USB cable to the USB port, be sure to match the cable connector with the shape of the socket. Forcing the connector into the socket will cause damage.

The rating of the charging output should be DC 5 V, 2.4 A or less.

If the charging ports of the earphones and charging case are dirty, charging may not be possible. Wrap a clean cloth soaked with anhydrous ethanol around a toothpick and gently wipe the ports regularly.

If the earphones get any moisture, thoroughly wipe it off before inserting them in the charging case.

When you are charging your earphones by connecting them to your computer, even if the computer displays an error message indicating that the USB device is not recognized, they will be charged. For the charge state, check the status LED.

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