Precautions for Use

Be sure to read the Owner’s Manual of the device that you want to connect.

Check the volume settings when using the earphones on public transport or in public places and make sure you do not disturb people around you.

These earphones are not guaranteed to work with all combinations of Bluetooth devices/mobile phones.

These earphones do not support connection with all Bluetooth devices/mobile phones.

Bluetooth wireless technology can communicate over a distance of approximately 10 m. However, obstructions (people, metallic objects, walls, etc.) and radio wave conditions affect the range in which communication is possible.

The Bluetooth device that you want to connect must support the same profile as these earphones in order to use the Bluetooth function. For details on profiles that the Bluetooth device is compatible with, see the Bluetooth device Owner’s Manual.

Due to features of Bluetooth wireless technology, playback of audio on the earphones is slightly delayed compared to the voice/audio playback on the transmitting device.

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