Configures the Bluetooth settings.


Set whether or not to turn the unit’s power on when a Bluetooth device is operated.


Turns the Bluetooth standby function on.


Turns the Bluetooth standby function off.

When the “BluetoothStandby” setting is “On” and the connection operation is performed on a Bluetooth device when this unit is in the standby state, this unit’s power automatically switches on. In order to use this operation, the device needs to be paired with this unit in advance.


When using the “Denon 500 Series Remote” app, use with the “BluetoothStandby” setting set to “On”.


Set whether to automatically switch the source input to “Bluetooth” when performing the connection operation from a Bluetooth device.


Select the “Bluetooth” source input automatically when a Bluetooth device connects to this unit.


Do not select to the “Bluetooth” source input when a Bluetooth device connects to this unit.

Set “Auto-Select” to “Off” if you do not want the source input of this unit to automatically switch to “Bluetooth” when connecting the “Denon 500 Series Remote” app to this unit.

Some Bluetooth devices may automatically connect to this unit when they enter this unit’s communication range. If this happens, setting “Auto-Select” to “Off” will prevent unintended actions such as turning on this unit or switching the source input to “Bluetooth”.

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