Easy operation

“Setup Assistant” provides easy-to-follow setup instructions

First select the language when prompted. Then simply follow the instructions displayed on the TV screen to set up the speakers etc.

Easy to use Graphical User Interface

This unit is equipped with a Graphical User Interface for improved operability.

Compatible with the “Denon 500 Series Remote” app performing basic operations of the unit with an iPad, iPhone or Android™ devices (Google, Amazon Kindle Fire)

The “Denon 500 Series Remote”∗ application allows you to wireless control this unit from an iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet when paired and connected via Bluetooth. Basic functions include: Power ON/OFF, volume, mute, and source selection.

Download the appropriate “Denon 500 Series Remote” for your iOS or Android devices. In order to use “Denon 500 Series Remote”, your iOS or Android device needs to be paired with this unit in advance.

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