Sound bar

Top panel

Name Bar Top S217

Power operation button ( Icon Power )

Turns the sound bar power on/off (standby). link

Input source button ( Icon Source )

This selects the input source. link

Switches the input source each time the button is pressed.

Bluetooth button ( Icon Bluetooth )

Switches the input source to “Bluetooth”. link

Used to pair with Bluetooth devices. link

Volume buttons (+, –)

These adjusts the volume level. link

Front panel

Name Bar Front S217

Remote control sensor

This receives signals from the remote control unit. link

Status LED

The status, such as for the power, input source, audio format, or sound mode is displayed. link

Status LED

Name Status LED S217E2EA

When pure mode is set for the sound mode, Dolby Atmos playback is not supported on this unit. If a Dolby Atmos signal is input when in pure mode, the status LED displays the signal input as Dolby (other than Atmos).

Rear panel

Name Bar Rear S217

Wall hook hole

Used to mount the sound bar on a wall. link

AC inlet

Used to connect the power cord. link

USB port

Service terminal. This port does not support playback of music from USB flash drives.

Analog audio input connector (AUX IN)

Use a commercially available 3.5 mm stereo audio cable to connect a TV with an AUX audio output connector. link

Optical digital input connector (OPTICAL IN)

Use the included optical digital cable to connect a TV with an optical digital terminal. link

HDMI IN connector

Used to connect to the HDMI equipment with an HDMI cable. link

HDMI connector (TV (HDMI eARC/ARC))

Use the included HDMI cable to connect an eARC or ARC function-compatible TV. link

Subwoofer output connector (SUBWOOFER OUT)

Use a commercially available subwoofer cable to connect a subwoofer with a built-in amplifier. link

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