About HDMI

This unit supports the following HDMI functions.

ARC (Audio Return Channel) function

Enjoy movies, music, etc., on your TV simply by connecting an ARC function-compatible TV to this unit via HDMI.

eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) function

The eARC function is compatible with conventional ARC function compatible audio formats in addition to multichannel linear PCM, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Atmos and other audio formats a conventional ARC function cannot transmit. Additionally, connecting to an eARC function-compatible TV enables enjoyment of higher-quality surround playback of the audio content played from your TV.

HDMI control function

Connect an HDMI control-compatible TV and this unit via HDMI and enable the HDMI control to enable linked control from either device.

Input source switching
If the TV is turned on, this unit automatically powers on and switches the input source.

Power off link
The TV power off operation is linked so this unit also turns off.

Volume adjustment
The volume of this unit can be adjusted using the TV remote control.

Audio output destination switching
If this unit is turned on, TV audio is output from this unit. If this unit is turned off, TV audio is output from the speakers of the TV.


Some functions may not operate depending on the connected TV.

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