Changing the Bluetooth name of your Envaya Mini speaker

If you have more than one of Envaya Mini, you need to change the device name displayed on the Bluetooth device in order to identify which speakers to output sound from.
Change the device name of Envaya Mini displayed on the Bluetooth device. link

I want to perform basic operations for music playback from Envaya Mini

Basic operations for music playback (Play/Pause/skipping tracks) can be performed using the buttons on the Envaya Mini. link

I want to answer incoming calls to my mobile phone on Envaya Mini

If a mobile phone connected by Bluetooth receives an incoming call, the music being played is paused and a ring tone plays.
Press and release the PLAY / PAUSE button on Envaya Mini to answer the call. link

Connecting multiple Bluetooth devices and switching easily between them

Music can only be output from Envaya Mini from one Bluetooth device connected using Bluetooth, but two Bluetooth devices can be simultaneously connected to Envaya Mini. To switch easily between connections, connect Bluetooth devices that you use frequently to Envaya Mini. To switch playback to a different Bluetooth device when multiple Bluetooth devices are connected, stop playback on the device that is currently playing back, and then start playback on a different Bluetooth device. link

Using an NFC compatible mobile device

Enable the NFC function on the NFC compatible device, and touch the NFC device to the Mark N mark on Envaya Mini. link

I want to disconnect an NFC compatible device

Touch the Mark N mark with the NFC compatible device again while the device is connected to disconnect it.

I want to switch connection between multiple NFC compatible devices

Touch the Mark N mark with a different NFC compatible device while an NFC compatible.

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